What Is Pliability?

Pliability relates to your muscles’ ability to adapt to the demands of activities. Pliability is what enables you to perform a movement repeatedly over the long term without putting additional stress on the body.

Pliability is often the missing component of fitness and performance training. Due to aging, our bodies begin to decline around the age of 30. But by incorporating pliability into your fitness and wellness regimen, you are less likely to age rapidly, poorly, or with complications. With pliability, the goal is to re-educate your brain-body connection, so that the messages sent to your muscles tell the body to stay long, soft, and primed no matter what you ask your body to do. Ideal pliability for activities reduces the chance of injury and pain.

What Is Pliability Stretch?

Pliability StretchTM decreases the pliability decline associated with aging and reduces pain associated with sports training, arthritis, stress, and other conditions. It allows the client to participate in everyday activities without pain or physical limitation.

Pliability Stretch™ is a proven system of pain-free assisted passive stretching that will increase pliability, flexibility, and mobility. Pliability Stretch™ is an innovative method of improving everyday performance and sports performance by promoting anti-inflammatory responses in the body, increasing oxygen-rich blood flow, and conditioning for endurance and vitality. By stretching, it improves muscle function ability by elongating the muscle fibers to maximum resting length, thus allowing connective tissue and muscle fascia to lengthen.

What to Expect

The first session will include a consultation and assessment, followed by the introduction of a customized stretch program. 

Each Session begins with a short, dynamic warm-up to make sure the muscles are warm and to observe mobility and symmetry. Following is a customized sequence of stretches designed to address the client’s specific needs.

Sticky/Grip socks are recommended.

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