Hilary Friedman is a masterful fitness professional who is skilled in many modalities.  She is the owner of Balanced Bodies Personal Training and Pilates Studio, LLC., a successful and thriving business since 2014.  In addition to being an active teacher and trainer in the Studio, Hilary has built a team of like-minded professionals who all work to enhance the wellness of society through the practice of Pilates, Fitness, and Yoga. 

Hilary has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and holds two Comprehensive Pilates certifications as well as various other fitness credentials.  She believes education is a priority and will continue on her path of being a student for as long as she is a teacher.  

She has completed two sprint triathlons, multiple 5k’s, and is currently a CrossFit enthusiast.  Aside from her love of all things physical, Hilary enjoys sharing her life experience and knowledge.  She has been interviewed for the Podcast series, Navigate Health, and as a two-time cancer survivor, is honored to have spoken on behalf of Cancer Survivors for the Steeplechase Cancer Center.  Hilary has also been interviewed for Real Results with Coach Joe, RVN Television.  

In 2024 Hilary became a licensed teacher for the feminine movement practiceS Factor, with the intention of bringing a fully embodied experience to women through the S Factor movement.  

Hilary believes that ‘actions speak louder than words’ and that ‘communication is the key to success’.  Through these beliefs, hard work, and dedication she has become a successful business owner and nurtured relationships that stand the test of time.  She continues to support her community with the goal of bringing health and wellness to all.  

Hilary’s greatest joy is her family, and she believes in living a life filled with experiences, movement, and love. 


Fully Licensed S Factor Teacher 2024

The PhysicalMind Institute Comprehensive Certification / completed 2003 at Movements Afoot, NY
• Mat
• Reformer
• Comprehensive Equipment Training 

Certified in The Anatomy of Pilates
Certified in The Method Pilates

Balanced Body Comprehensive Certification / completed 2016 

Member of the Pilates Method Alliance since 2016

Balanced Body Barre Certification / completed 2018

Continuing Education Courses completed annually 

Tri-athlete - 2012, 2013 

Annual 5K Runs

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