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Hilary Friedman

I have been involved in fitness since 1991.  My humble start began as a part-time, front desk receptionist at a full-service, 40,000 health club, one of the first of it's kind in NJ.  I began to exercise around my work schedule by taking classes and lifting weights. The classes were exciting and motivating and it wasn't long before my desire to teach kicked in.

Working with some of the instructors at the club I began to research how to find music, choreograph, coach, and teach classes. As I aspired to be a Fitness Professional I worked hard and became certified by many nationally recognized organizations: IDEA, IEEE, ASMC, Reebok, Bally's, NYSC, as well as a few others which are now known by different names. In the early 90's I was involved in bringing the Step Reebok Program to New Jersey. It was a breakthrough time in the industry and I will always look back with pride at the opportunity I had to play a role in it.

Health clubs were beginning to pop up everywhere and with the growth in the industry there was the opportunity to be more involved. I worked for several fitness companies: Lifestyle Fitness Center, where I became the company's first female employee to be promoted to a Management position and run her own club, Bally's with a focus on managing the Group Exercise Department for the Northeast region, and finally, New York Sports Clubs where I managed clubs in both New Jersey and New York. My love for training and fitness continued to be strong and I was able to maintain a teaching status with each company as I worked for them in management and other capacities.

Over the span of 20 years I attained new heights in many areas from teaching, sales, managing, and then back to teaching and training. It was in October 2003 that a life-changing event caused me to seek a slightly new direction in fitness and I made the decision to open a Private Training Studio.

The path I took to begin my Pilates practice was in an amazing Studio in New York, Movements Afoot Pilates Studio.  Working closely with Lesley Powell, the studio director and a seasoned professional, was an inspiring introduction to the work.  The level of expertise and training at Movements Afoot is superior and enriches my ability to work with others.  I continue to train at Movements Afoot by taking workshops and classes designed for instructors to develop their skills and enhance their abilities to teach effectively.  It is a honor to work with a Master like Lesley Powell.    

The Pilates that I learned and the Pilates that I teach is authentic and based on Joe's original theories.  The method is not diluted in any way, shape, or form. I was taught and respect the original intention of Pilates and continue to embrace the original idea and focus of the practice.

My gift is my ability to understand how to combine different types of training to build a solid physical foundation for a client. It is important for me to give a client what they want while I am giving them what they need.

I have always taken the approach that it is not the student in the front and center who needs attention but rather the student in the back corner. The students in the front, who want to see better are perhaps a bit more confident, and are ready to go, yes, they require attention . . . but those in the back, who are not sure if they should be there at all, are the ones who NEED me.

It is with that in mind that I shaped the concept and business model for my Studio. Each client meets with me for a consultation. It is an open forum for questions, concerns, and explanations. There is discussion of goal setting, lifestyle, and a realistic approach to scheduling. A true opportunity to explore the possibilities that lie ahead.

Over these past ten-plus years I have had the privilege of meeting and training men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and needs. It is with this in mind that I am looking forward to sharing more of what I have to offer to the world.

With much affection,




The PhysicalMind Institute Comprehensive Certification / completed 2003 at Movements Afoot, NY
• Mat
• Reformer
• Comprehensive Equipment Training 

Certified in The Anatomy of Pilates
Certified in The Method Pilates

Balanced Body Comprehensive Certification / completed 2016 

Member of the Pilates Method Alliance since 2016

Balanced Body Barre Certification / completed 2018

Continuing Education Courses completed annually 

Tri-athlete - 2012, 2013 

Annual 5K Runs