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Erika Gómez is a certified Yoga Instructor, Energy Healer, and Certified Pilates Teacher.

In 2012, during the time of Erika’s demanding career in Entertainment Business Management she began to explore different forms of movement and exercise to get in shape.  Spending a lot of time in the gym she found fun and fitness but not the much-needed calm and peace she craved.  Without much forethought, she attended a yoga class as just another form of fitness; this particular class changed her life and perspective regarding exercise.  At this point, Erika chose to explore different types of yoga. 

In 2018 Erika became more in tune with the power of breath and the mind/body connection through yoga as she began to heal from an unexpected loss and great sadness.  The journey transformed an emotional setback into a pure inspiration, encouraging Erika to pursue a new career as a movement professional and student of energy medicine.

Erika has taken a deep dive into all things relating to health, wellness, mind and body.  She feels truly honored for every opportunity to share her magic through teaching.  She is a natural fit for the Studio and part of our educated, professional, and experienced team. 

Erika has completed the following:

  • 200HR Yoga Teacher Certification
  • Integrative Energy Healing + Breathwork
  • Reiki I & II, Transformative Energy Work
  • IIN Holistic Health Coaching, & Colon Hygiene Therapy
  • Balanced Body Movement Principles and Anatomy
  • Balanced Body Teacher for Pilates Mat 1, 2, and 3
  • Balanced Body Teacher for Reformer 1, 2, and 3

Erika is completing the final module to receive the status of Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Teacher.