generic instructor photoPaul Mullin

Although Paul is new to the Studio, he is no stranger to everything health and wellness.  With a background in journalism, Paul has been an avid exerciser and involved at a professional level for more than five years. 

I was first drawn to Paul's gentle nature, professional demeanor, and intuitive ability to handle change.  A perfect fit for our clientele.  I have done more than witness Paul in action; I have trained with him personally.  I was inspired by his ability to listen and quickly adjust each workout as needed.  

Paul will be in the Studio next week to begin getting comfortable with our space, studio protocols, and the number one reason . . . to meet you!  

With Paul on the schedule, you will have more opportunities to train.  When your schedule changes or if Christy or I are out, we now have another amazing trainer to keep you consistent and healthy. 

It has taken me a long time to find the just the right person.  You have trusted me for many years, and I won't let you down.  Together, with continued communication and an open mind, we will foster Paul's experience with the Balanced Bodies Studio family.  We will continue our journey to enhanced health and wellness.